2021 Droughtmaster National Sale

NINDETHANA will offer five young bulls at the 2021 National Droughtmaster Bull Sale to be held at the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange, Gracemere on 14 & 15 September 2021.  The bulls will be offered on Day 2 of the sale (15 September 2021) as Lots 343 to 347.

The sires that are represented in our draft include Angle Zed Commandante, Swan 609, Ianbrae Wanted and Karragarra Miles.

All bulls have been:

  • Sire Verified 
  • Horn-Poll tested
  • Pestivirustested negative
  • Pompes tested free
  • Scanned by Paul Kenny on 13 August 2021
  • Vet evaluated by Dr Dianne Sorley on 13 August 2021
  • Semen morphology tested by John Cooper, Just Genes on 13 August 2021
  • Vaccinated – 7 in 1, 3 day, botulism, pestivirus, tick fever & and vibrio

The bulls have been raised in paddocks that mostly comprise gentle slopes, creek and river flats and plenty of ticks! They have been worked with bikes and on foot and have had plenty of education working through the yards and handling facilities.

The bulls have been grass fed (native grasses and improved pastures) with access to a mineral supplement and have been lightly supplemented with Riverina stock pellets.  During early season dry conditions, they have had access to baled Rhodes grass and Rye grass.

We are a J-BAS 7 herd.


Sire:  Angle Zed Commandante
Dam:  Nindethana Honey
Indent:  NPH19280M
DOB: 09/07/19
Age:  26 Months

An AI calf by Angle Zed Commandante (Minlacowie Freemason), Larry has inherited the length, scale and natural muscling of his sire.  He also has a tidy underline, a good topline and a quiet temperament.

Larry’s dam, Nindethana Honey (Bryvonlea Malachi) was a former show heifer that has gone on to produce three calves in three years: a bull that sold at the 2020 Bunya Bull Sale (Kingsley), Larry, and a yearling bull.  Honey is due to calve again next month.

Link to Pedigree HERE

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Sire: Angle Zed Commandante
Sibling: Nindethana Kingsley (maternal sibling)
Sibling: Nindethana Kommendabull (paternal sibling)



Sire:  Angle Zed Commandante
Dam:  Nindethana Fontine
Indent:  NPH19284M
DOB:  09/07/19
Age:  26 months

Another AI son of Angle Zed Commandante (Minlacowie Freemason), Lincoln is long, stands on good bone, has a tidy underline, great topline, and to round off the package, has a quite temperament.

Lincoln’s dam, Nindethana Fontine (Bryvonlea Malachi) is an absolute treasure.  A member of our show time for four consequective years, Fontine is a gentle natured, wedgy female that is highly fertile, milks like a dairy cow and produces beautiful progeny.  She has had six calves in six years: a retained female (Iyla), a bull that sold at auction to Valera Vale Stud (Jean Val Jean ‘Jean’), a heifer that sold at the 2019 Cream of the Crop Sale (Julianna), Lincoln, a yearling heifer that will be retained (Melba), and a cracker bull calf at foot by Rondel Preston. Fontine has joined our IVF donor program.

Link to Pedigree HERE

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Sire: Angle Zed Commandante
Dam: Nindethana Fontine


Sibling: Nindethana Julianna (maternal sibling)
Sibling: Nindethana ‘Jean’ (maternal sibling)



Sire:  Swan 609
Dam:  Nindethana Flo
Indent:  NPH19300M
DOB:  20/10/19
Age:  22 Months

An AI calf by the legendary SWAN 609, Legend is a soft young bull with plenty of depth, thickness and loose skin.  He has a beautiful tropical coat and a lovey head. His temperament is impeccable – absolutely bomb proof!!!

Legend’s sire, Swan 609 was arguably the most influential sire of his time! Bred by the late Jack & Elaine Swan and sold to Woodlyn Stud (Dorothy & Jim Crombie) in 1989, ‘609’ returned to the Swan stable two years later but tragically died from injuries following an accident in 1993. Over a two and a half year period, ‘609’ produced 31 sons that sold at auction for a gross of $180,000. Described by the late Jack Swan as “a massive heavily fleshed sire and prolific calf getter, who was the most influential sire in the Swan herd”, Swan 609’s legacy lives on through AI and IVF programs. His semen is tightly held.

Legend’s dam, Nindethana Flo (Bryvonlea Malachi) is one of our best! A beautiful female that has produced four calves: a decorated show bull (Impact) sold to La Shae Stud in 2018, another show bull sold at the 2019 DN Sale (Jack), a retained heifer (Katarina), Legend, and a stunning heifer calf by Rondel Preston that will be retained.  Flo has joined our IVF donor program and is being used with Rondel Whiskey and Rondel Preston.

Link to Pedigree HERE

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Sire: Swan 609


Dam: Nindethana Flo
Sibling: Nindethana Impact (maternal sibling)


Sibling: Nindethana Jack (maternal sibling)


Sire:  Ianbrae Wanted
Dam:  Nindethana Jewel
Indent:  NPH19292M
DOB:  17/09/19
Age:  23 Months

An early maturing young bull, Latimer has plenty of length, depth, bone and thickness.  He has a lovely tropical coat and a great temperament.

Latimer’s sire, Ianbrae Wanted (Waringle Bobbie) has been used in our AI programs.  Four of his females have been retained in our stud and Latimer is the first of his sons to be offered by Nindethana.

Latimer’s dam, Nindethana Jewel (RSVP Jackpot) has had two calves: Latimer and a yearling bull.  She is due to calve again in October.

Link to Pedigree HERE

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Sire: Ianbrae Wanted (courtesy of RSVP Stud)
Sibling: Nindethana Lolly Pop (paternal sibling)



Sire:  Karragarra Miles
Dam: Nindethana Fairibel
Indent:  NPH19309M
DOB:  22/12/19
Age:  20 Months

An early maturing, easy doing young bull, Lewis is well fleshed and shows good bone and muscling.

Lewis’ sire, Karragarra Miles (Glenlands Pistol) was purchased in 2016 for $38,000.  He is long, deep, thick, stands on good bone and has an amazing temperament. At 28 months of age he weighed 920kg, boasted an EMA of 134 cms, fat scans of 15/11, a scrotal circumstance of 45.5cm, semen motility of 90% and morphology of 92%.  During his five seasons at Nindethana, he has maintained his weight, libido and fertility and every year, returns a morphology result of 89%-92%.  Miles’ sons have sold to a top of $16,000 and daughters to $4,250.

Dam, Nindethana Fairibel (Bryvonlea Malachi) is from our most successful female line going back to Wundaburra Miribel, a female that made a significant contribution to our herd.  Four generations of females from this line have been retained, and several bulls have been sold for breeding purposes.  Fairibel has had five calves in five years: a bull sold at the 2018 Bunya Bull Sale (Invincible), another that was sadly euthanised after suffering paralysis following 3 day (Jackabull), a retained heifer (Kuteabel), Lewis, and a weaner bull.

Link to Pedigree HERE

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Sire: Karragarra Miles


Dam: Nindethana Fairibel
Sibling: Nindethana Josetta (Paternal Sibling)


Sibling: Nindethana Julian (Paternal Sibling)