2020 National Female Sale

NINDETHANA is excited to be offering four unjoined heifers (Lots 181 – 184) at the National Female Sale on 14 March 2020 at the Gympie Saleyards.

All heifers are the progeny of KARRAGARRA MILES.

The heifers have been SIRE VERIFIED and have been PESTIVIRUS tested negative; POMPES tested free; fully VACCINATED (7 in 1; 3 day; botulism; pestivirus; and three germ tick fever); and pregnancy tested to confirm that they are empty.

Our herd has been tested for Bovine Johnes’ Disease (test date 1 May 2019) and we have a J-BAS 7 (WA) rating.

The females have been raised in paddocks that mostly comprise gentle slopes, creek and river flats.  Our area has plenty of ticks!   They have been grass fed (when we had grass) with access to Ag Solutions mineral supplements and more recently, FeedPro mineral liquid supplement.  During the dry months, they were maintained on a baled Rhodes/millet mix and baled barley.  More recently, they have enjoyed lush green grass, thanks to the welcomed rain during January and February.


Sire:     Glenlands Pistol
Dam:   Ivanhoe Haldana

Miles was purchased at the 2016 DN Sale for $38,000.  He immediately took our eye, displaying incredible depth, length, thickness, and bone, in addition to an impeccable sheath and strong polled head.  And to top it off, he has a lovey quiet temperament.

At 28 months of age, Miles tipped the scales at 920 kg and boasted an EMA of 134, fat scans of 15/11, a scrotal circumference of 45.5 cms, semen mobility at 90% and semen morphology at 92%.

During his four seasons at Nindethana, Miles has maintained his weight, libido and fertility.  He is profoundly determined and returns excellent pregnancy rates each year.  His annual semen tests have not altered since purchase, returning a morphology result of 89% – 92% every year.

Miles has produced a lovely line of calves, the first of which debuted at the 2019 National Female Sale topping at $4,250 followed by the 2019 Bunya Bull Sale and DN Sale, where his sons sold to a top of $16,000.

Link to Pedigree HERE

Karragarra Miles Progeny

Nindethana Julian
Nindethana Josetta
Nindethana Judy
Nindethana Karrie
Nindethana Katelyn



Sire:    Karagarra Miles
Dam:   Lilivale Dotti
17 Months

Kallie is a beautiful female that has plenty to offer.  She is soft, has loads of loose skin, a perfect underline, a great topline, and a lovely temperament.

Kallie’s Dam, Lilivale Dottie (Strathfield Explode) was purchased as an unjoined heifer at the 2013 National Female Sale.  She a lovely quiet female that has never missed a beat.  She has held her condition, is incredibly fertile and milks very well.   Dotti has been a consistent producer, giving us seven calves in seven years: a heifer sold to Windwhistle Stud (Ginger), a bull sold at the Bunya Bull Sale (Jasper), two steers, Kallie and a heifer calf at foot.

Sire, Karragarra Miles needs no further introduction (see above).

Link to video HERE

Link to Pedigree HERE

Nindethana Jasper (maternal sibling)
Nindethana Ginger (maternal sibling)


Sire:    Karragarra Miles
Dam:   Nindethana Ecstasy “Ecci”
17 Months

Kellie is a moderate framed heifer that has plenty of length, depth, thickness and the perfect underline.  She is feminine and has a bombproof temperament.  She is an absolute joy to have in the paddock and yards.

Kellie’s dam, Nindethana Ecstasy or “Ecci” (Condamine Carbine) was purchased in 2012 as a one-month old calf at foot with her dam, RSVP Fantasy.  Ecci has produced five calves in five years: a heifer sold into a commercial operation (Hollie), two bulls sold at the 2018 and 2019 Bunya Bull Sales (Isadore and Jerome), Kellie, and a bull calf at foot.

Sire, Karragarra Miles needs no further introduction (see above).

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Link to Pedigree HERE

Dam: Nindethana Ecci
Nindethana Isadore (maternal sibling)
Nindethana Jerome (full brother)


Nindethana Hollie (maternal sibling)


Sire:    Karragarra Miles
Dam:   High Country Evanna
18 Months

This lovely heifer is definitely worth a look!!  She demonstrates incredible growth and scale.  She has loads of length, height and frame while remaining soft and feminine.  Her underline is perfect and her topline, impeccable!!!

Karla’s dam, High Country Evanna (Billabong Xavier) was purchased as a joined heifer at the 2016 Performance Plus Sale.  She is a quiet natured cow that has produced three calves in three years: a retained heifer (Jenna), Karla, and a bull calf at foot.  She is back in calf again and by AI.

Sire, Karragarra Miles needs no further introduction (see above).

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Link to Pedigree HERE

Dam: High Country Evanna


Sire:    Karragarra Miles
Dam:   Nindethana Christina
17 Months

Kayla is a moderate framed heifer who has inherited several of her sire’s great carcase attributes.  She is feminine, long, stands on good bone, has a perfect underline and great topline.

Kayla’s dam, Nindethana Christina (RSVP Boris) is one of our treasures.  She is fertile, milks well, and always weans a weighty calf. She has produced eight calves in eight years: two steers, a heifer sold to High Country Stud (Geraldine), another sold at the National Female Sale to Karin Downs (Helena) and another to the Kleidon family (Ithaca), a retained heifer (Jeneva), Kayla, a heifer calf at foot (Lulu) by Miles who will be retained.  Christina is back in calf again by AI.

Sire, Karragarra Miles needs no further introduction (see above).

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Dam: Nindethana Christina



Nindethana Helena (Maternal Sibling)
Nindethana Ithaca (Maternal Sibling)