Nindethana Droughtmaster Sires

Our current sires are Rondel Whiskey (in partnership), Glenlands J Bojangles, RSVP Jackpot, Nindethana Kensington, Karragarra Miles and Nindethana Fitzgerald. A former sire that meant a great deal to us, Bryvonlea Malachi, left us during 2020 however, his legacy lives on through AI programs and also in retained grandson Kensington, son Fitzgerald, and a selection of retained females.

Glenlands J Bojangles (PH) D5

Sire: Glenlands D Vass
Dam: Halcyon Ottie

Purchased at the 2020 Glenlands Sale for $55,000, this exceptional young sire oozes appeal. He is slick coated, soft, and has an abundance of loose skin. He is structurally correct with good bone, depth and thickness. At 24 months of age he weighed 827kgs, with an EMA of 142cms and scrotal circumference of 42cms. His semen morphology was 77%. He has a gentle nature and is the perfect gentleman. Bojangles’ first progeny are due in August 2021.

Nindethana Kensington (PH) D5

Sire: RSVP Jackpot
Dam: Nindethana Hazel

Sired by Jackpot and out of a Bryvonlea Malachi female, we loved this fellow from the beginning. An early maturing calf with exceptional weight for age, Kensington was an evolving package of everything we had been searching for in others. Like his sire, he is as long as a train and has incredible bone and muscling, tremendous depth, a beautiful sire’s head with well-hooded eyes and a lovely tropical coat. His temperament is truly second to none. He launched onto the show circuit in 2019 and at 11 months of age, he was sashed the Junior Champion bull at the Royal Queensland Show (COVID-19 cut short his potential to shine further in the show ring). At 24 months of age, Kensington weighed 920kgs and boasted an EMA of 133cms. His fat scores were 14/11, his scrotal circumference 37.5cms and his semen morphology 78%. Kensington’s first progeny are due in September 2021.

Rondel Whiskey (PP) D5

Sire: Wajatryn 2338 Knightly
Dam: Rondel Skittles

Our $160,000 purchase in conjunction with High Country Stud and Glenlands D Stud. An outstanding young sire that is genetically and phenotypically perfect! At 21 months of age he weighed 836kgs, boasted an EMA of 142cms and a scrotal circumference of 39cms. He is structurally correct with plenty of depth and width, a strong backline and the perfect underline. He has a beautiful head with a broad muzzle and heavily hooded eyes. To top off this perfect package, he has an extraordinary temperament – he is an absolute joy! Whiskey’s first progeny are due in September 2021.

Karragarra Miles (PP) D5

Sire: Glenlands Pistol
Dam: Ivanhoe Haldana

Purchased at the 2016 DN Sale for $38,000, this outstanding young sire immediately caught our eye displaying amazing depth, length, thickness, and bone, in addition to an impeccable sheath and a strong polled head. To top it off, he is incredibly docile. At 28 months of age, Miles tipped the scales at 920 kg with an EMA of 134cms and fat scans of 15/11. His scrotal circumference was 45.5cms and semen morphology was 92%.

During his many seasons at Nindethana, Miles has maintained his weight, libido and fertility. He achieves excellent pregnancy rates and his annual morphology has returned results of 89%-92%. His sons have sold to a top of $16,000 and daughters to $8,000.

RSVP Jackpot (P) D5

Sire: Orana Issac
Dam: RSVP Evita

Purchased privately in 2015 for $25,000 from RSVP Stud, Jackpot has made an enormous contribution to our stud. A son of the now deceased Orana Issac (top-priced bull to sell at the 1999 DN Sale), Jackpot is as long as they come and demonstrates tremendous bone and muscling. He is soft, perfectly square and has a silk-like tropical coat that glistens year-round. At 20 months of age he weighed 808kgs with an EMA of 123cms and fat scores of 13/7. His semen morphology then, and now, remains at 89%. He has produced a lovely line of sons and daughters, several of which have achieved broad ribbon success at Droughtmaster Futurity Shows, Feature Shows and the Royal Queensland Show. His sons have sold to a top of $11,000 at auction, and his daughters to a top of $5,000.

Nindethana Fitzgerald (P) D5

Sire: Bryvonlea Malachi
Dam: RSVP Beauty

Sold at the DN Sale in 2015, Fitzgerald spent six years in a Droughtmaster cross commercial herd where he excelled beyond expectation. His owners boasted his successes, which included excellent pregnancy rates, low birth weight calves that were quiet, matured early and grew into weighty weaners, zero calving issues, and the eradication of horn in their herd. After six years they made the difficult decision to move him on after retaining several of his females in their herd. We seized the opportunity to ‘bring him home’ where he will be used over our stud heifers. Exhibited from an early age, Fitzgerald won multiple broad ribbons and interbreed championships. He has a gentle nature and has inherited so many of his sire’s wonderful attributes.

Bryronlea Malachi (P) D5

Sire: Mungalla Tyrell
Dam: Bryvonlea Susanne

Malachi was purchased at the Droughtmaster National Sale in 2012 for $17,000. He was selected for his bone, length, natural muscling, tidy underline and his lovely temperament. At 23 months of age, he weighed 867kg with 136 EMA, Fats 11/9 and a scrotal circumference of 41.5cms.

Prior to purchase, Malachi enjoyed a very successful show career that included accolades such as: Supreme Champion Exhibit at the 2012 Droughtmaster Futurity Show; 2nd place in his class at Beef 2012 and Grand Champion Droughtmaster Bull and Interbreed Champion at the 2012 Gympie Show.

This gentle giant has made a significant contribution to our stud, producing a consistent line of productive females, many of which have been retained. His sons have sold to a top of $23,000 and daughters to a top of $5,000. Multiple sons and daughters have been exhibited and have achieved broad ribbon success at local shows, Droughtmaster Futurity and Feature Show, and the Royal Queensland Show.