Our Cattle

Our cattle are grazed in paddocks that mostly consist of gentle slopes leading down to river and creek flats.  They enjoy access to a variety of native grasses and during drought conditions, are supplemented with baled Rhodes grass and have constant access to a mineral lick supplement.

The paddocks are very ‘ticky’ and unfortunately, paralysis ticks are plentiful in our area, especially in the paddocks that hug the river.  In order to protect young calves, they are tagged early with a Python Y-Tex ear tag, which is the only ear tag that offers protection from paralysis ticks.

The cattle are worked with quad bikes and are also familiar, and very comfortable with people walking among them on foot.

Our entire herd has been tested for pestivirus and our sires for pompes disease.  All cattle are vaccinated with: 7 in 1; 3 day; tick fever; pesti; and botulism.  Bulls calves are also vaccinated with vibrio however this is delayed until prior to sale.

Our herd has been tested for Bovine Johnes’ Disease and we have a JBAS 7 (WA) rating.