In 2007, Michael and I decided to recommence the stud that my parents had established almost 30 years earlier. Mum and Dad had passed on, and what remained of the original herd had been sold or relocated.

We started with eight scruffy looking heifers that were subsequently inspected by the late Jim Crombie, and classified as D1 Droughtmasters. Dad would have been highly amused, but no doubt proud of our attempts to continue on that which he and the family had started.

As 2017 rapidly draws to a close, we reflect upon the milestone of our first 10 years of Nindethana Droughtmasters (Second Generation), and do so with gratitude for the support and encouragement that we have received along the way, and pride in that which we have achieved. We have grown the stud from those 8 scruffy looking D1 heifers to 85 registered purebred breeders (all beautiful of course) and have just enjoyed our BEST YEAR yet, with accomplishments in both the sale ring and the show ring that have far exceeded my dreams and our expectations.

Whilst we celebrate these achievements, perhaps the greatest joy experienced this year was the registration of NINDETHANA JEM by our son, Jackson and his partner Emilie (Em). A third generation of Nindethana Droughtmasters!

We are eternally grateful for the legacy that Mum & Dad left us, and heartened by the knowledge that they would be so very proud of what we have done with it these past 10 years.