2016 Show Results

Royal Queensland Show

EKKA is over for another year, bringing to a close, a most enjoyable and successful 2016 show season for Nindethana.

We exhibited seven entries this year and were thrilled to secure two of the broad ribbons on offer.

Nindethana Henrietta, at just 11 months of age, was awarded Junior Champion Heifer and Nindethana Harry (10 months 3 weeks) secured the Reserve Junior Champion Bull.

Giselle placed second in her class (Female 22-24 months) and a trio comprising of Godfrey, Giselle and Hannibul secured third place in the progeny stakes representing sire, Bryvonlea Malachi.

Ekka 2016 will certainly be remembered as one of the most enjoyable showing experiences yet, not because of any awards that may have been won, but for the joyful atmosphere in the shed, and the wonderful spirit and camaraderie of the Droughtmaster breeders. It was a great week, shared with a wonderful group of people. Thank you to everyone that made this experience so memorable, and a special thank you to our wonderful support team, Lawrence Sehmish-Lahey and Tim Woodworth.


Nindethana took a team of nine to our local SAMFORD SHOW in 2016 and we were thrilled with how well they performed. Every exhibit was awarded a place in their respective class.

Hannibul (Bull under 12 months), Henrietta (Female under 12 months), Gunnabel (Bull 20 – 24 months) and Giselle (Female 20 – 24 months) all secured a first placing with both Gunnabel and Giselle going on to receive Reserve Champion sashes.

We also placed second in the Interbreed Breeder’s Group with Godfrey, Giselle and Hannibul (all progeny of Bryvonlea Malachi).


Awesome, Functional and Safe!!!! That is how the judges described three members of our show team at the 2016 Woodford Show. I have been telling Michael that our cattle just take after their handler…. that being me!! Of course he agrees!!

We had a great time at the show! There were plenty of Droughtie friends and lots of laughs. And to top it off, we brought home a few ribbons.

It was ‘ladies day’ for our team with Nindethana Henrietta being sashed Reserve Junior Champion Female and Nindethana Fontine taking out Reserve Senior Champion Female.

Judge Bede McAlpin bestowed many compliments on little eight-month-old, Henrietta concluding that she was just an ‘awesome heifer’. He was also complimentary of Fontine, describing her as ‘highly functional’ with a sensational heifer calf at foot (that being Iyla) whom he though may very well outshine her mother as a future show female.

Other female winners included:

  • Honey (2nd Heifer under 12 months)
  • Hannalee (3rd Heifer under 12 months)
  • Giselle (1st Heifer 20-24 months)
  • Fairibel (2nd Heifer 24-30 months)

The boys were feeling a little overshadowed by their female stable mates but their day will come. Hannibul placed 2nd in is class (bull under 12 months) and Gunnabel placed 3rd (bull 20-24 months).

Godfrey missed out but he led the team to take out 1st place in the Interbreed Exhibitor’s Group (my favourite class) with a trio of Byvonlea Malachi sons and daughter: Godfrey; Giselle; and Hannabul.


Nindethana enjoyed a very successful day at the GYMPIE SHOW with seven of our eight exhibits securing either a win or a place in their respective class.

There were two standouts in the team this week. Junior team member Nindethana Harry (Jembrae Glenowie/Haigslea Harriett), at just 7 months of age, was awarded Reserve Junior Champion Bull. Harry took out first place in his preliminary class (Bull under 12 months) and then stood tall against a line-up of quality bulls that were more than twice his age.

Judge Alan Goodland of Theodore complimented Harry on his growth and maturity, his structural correctness, and his lovely masculine head.

High accolades also went to senior team member Nindethana Fontine (Bryvonlea Malachi/Karagarra Fronde), who was awarded Senior Champion Female after winning her class (Female 30 months and over). Fontine, at 31 months, has a strapping young calf at foot and is back in calf.

Other successful team members included:

  • Fairibel (Bryvonlea Malachi/Nindethana Daisibel)– 1st (Female 24 – 30 mths)
  • Giselle (Bryvonlea Malachi/Karagarra Fronde) – 3rd (Female 16 – 20 mths)
  • Henrietta (Ivanhoe Force/High Country Champagne) – 2nd (Female under 12 mths)
  • Honey (Bryvonlea Malachi/High Country Cotton Candy) – 3rd (Female under 12 mths)
  • Gunnabel (Jembrae Glenowie/Wundaburra Miribel) – 3rd (Bull 16 -20 mths)

Nindethana also placed 3rd in the Breeder’s Group and 3rd in the Sire’s Progeny Group (Progeny of Bryvonlea Malachi) with team members: Godfrey; Fontine; and Giselle.

Congratulations to all other exhibitors, especially RSVP & Sylvan Springs Droughtmasters which secured several broad ribbons on the day including Grand Champion Bull and Female.

Nindethana Harry - Reserve Champion Junior Bull

Nindethana Harry

Nindethana Fontine (with Lyla) - Senior Champion Cow or Heifer

Nindethana Fontine


Hats off to the organisers of the Boonah Droughtmaster Feature Show, and to all those that made this wonderful event possible. There were 129 entries from 30 studs across Queensland. We were thrilled to be able to participate and proud of how our team performed.

Nindethana Henrietta was the star of the team, taking out first place in her class (Female under 9 months) and then Reserve Champion Female Calf.

Others award winners included:

  • Hannibul (3rd Bull under 9 months).
  • Godfrey (2nd Bull 19–21 months)
  • Giselle (2nd Female 19-21 months)
  • Fairibel (3rd Female 24-30 months)

We were very pleased to take out first place in the Sire’s Progeny class with Godfrey, Giselle and Hannibul (progeny of Bryvonlea Malachi) and then back up to take out first place in the Dam’s Progeny with full sisters, Fontine and Giselle (progeny of Karragarra Fronde).

Congratulations to all exhibitors and a huge thank-you to the sponsors, organisers and judges of this great event.


The competition in the tropical breeds ring was fierce at the 2016 NANANGO SHOW with a large numbers of both Brahman and Droughtmaster cattle paraded.

It was all about the junior members of our team this week with both Nindethana Harry and Nindethana Henrietta placing first in their respective classes (Bull & Heifer under 9 months).

Harry is just 6mths and 2 weeks of age. He is out of one of our most consistent breeders, Haigslea Harriett and is sired by Jembrae Glenowie.

Henrietta at just 6 months and 3 weeks of age has enjoyed success at each of three shows that she has attended this year, taking home her third blue ribbon and on the heels of a Junior Champion sash awarded last week at Kilcoy Show.

A heifer’s first calf, Henrietta is out of High Country Champagne who was purchased as an unjoined heifer from High Country Droughtmasters at Eskdale. She is an AI calf and sired by Ivanhoe Force, a tremendous sire that has produced numerous show champions for RSVP & Sylvan Springs Droughtmasters Droughtmaster Studs.

Congratulations to the other exhibitors, in particular, Cebella Droughmaters (Supreme Champion Tropical Female and Supreme Female Exhibit) and Vale View Droughtmasters (Supreme Champion Tropical Bull).

Thank you to our wonderful support team, each of whom looked exhausted by the end of what was a very busy two days.

Nindethana Harry - Ist, Bull under 12 months

Nindethana Harry - Nanango Show 2016


We exhibited at KILCOY SHOW this year. The theme of the stud beef cattle program was ‘Looking Forward, Looking Back’ which was harnessed by events such as the Calf Championship (looking forward), which had over 30 entries from across all breeds, and the Mature Handlers’ Competition (looking back) which also attracted a large number of ‘older’ competitors. It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere around the ring and in the sheds was vibrant.

It was pleasing to see such a large number of exhibitors and such a big showing of Droughtmaster cattle, in both the stud and prime cattle competitions.

It was certainly a day where the Nindethana females outshone the Nindethana bulls!!
Nindethana Henrietta, at just 6 months and 2 weeks of age, won her class (Heifer 6 mths and under 12 mths) and then went on to win Junior Champion Tropical Breed Heifer.

Nindethana Fontine returned to the show ring with her 10 week old calf Iyla, winning her class (Female 24 mths and under 48 mths) and then Reserve Senior Champion Tropical Breed Cow or Heifer.

Other team members that placed in their respective classes included::

  • Nindethana Harry 2nd (Bull 6 mths and under 12 mths)
  • Nindethana Honey 2nd (Heifer 6 mths and under 12 mths)
  • Nindethana Giselle 3rd (Heifer 18 mths and under 24 mths).
  • Nindethana also placed 2nd in the Interbreed Breeders Group with Godfrey, Fontine (plus Iyla) and Henrietta.

Congratulations to all other exhibitors and thank you to the organisers, stewards and judges.

A special thank you to our wonderful and very patient support team, Dan Sellin and Lawrence Sehmish-Lahey, and to Leonie Nichols who helped us parade on the day.


We attended the Droughtmaster Futurity Show at Gatton this past weekend and were thrilled with how well our little team performed, and humbled by their success.

We took a team of eight, which included five ‘newbies’, three of which were under 7 months.

Seven of our team members brought home ribbons:

  • Godfrey placed 2nd – Bulls 18-20 months and then went on to be awarded Reserve Champion Bull.
  • George placed 3rd – Bulls 16-18 months
  • Harry placed 2nd – Bull under 7 months
  • Giselle placed 1st – Heifers 16-18 months
  • Gretel placed 2nd – Heifers 18-20 months
  • Henrietta placed 1st – Heifers under 7 months
  • Honey placed 4th – Heifers under 7 months

The biggest thrill of all was placing 1st in the Breeder’s Group (for the second year in a row) and then receiving the award for the Most Successful Exhibitor (also for the second consecutive year). Our Breeder’s Group team members included: Godfrey and Giselle (both progeny of Bryvonlea Malachi) and Henrietta, one of our ‘baby’ heifers.

Congratulations to all exhibitors and thank you to the sponsors, organisers, stewards and judges, without whom these events would not be possible.